Losing the joy of research

If you ask the average person on the street to describe their idea of research, their answer will probably be involve someone peering into a microscope or perhaps scrawling on...

28 Sep 2021

Researchers are being told they are "lucky" for inadequate support

This post was written by PhD researcher who prefers to remain anonymous.

Among current PhD students who have been studying through the pandemic, I am extremely lucky. I’ve...

02 Sep 2021

Health Issues and the Unequal Impact of the Pandemic

This post was written by PhD researcher who prefers to remain anonymous.

If I had to try and isolate one of the biggest issues during the pandemic for...

15 Jun 2021

International PGRs and Isolation During Covid-19

This post was written by Thiago Bogossian, PhD researcher at the University of Surrey. You can reach him on Twitter at @thibogossian and read his blog at 14 Jun 2021

Falling Short

PandemicPGRs has launched a report today (08 February 2021) outlining its response to the most recent policy from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on support for postgraduate researchers (PGRs) during...

08 Feb 2021

Boycott ResearchFish

PGRs are making daily requests to to engage with our community’s highly reasonable and evidence-led requests. UKRI continue to demonstrate a callous lack of willingness here.

We are therefore calling...

27 Jan 2021

Solidarity with Anthropology Students

Anthropology students are asking supporters to sign an open letter in solidarity of our bid for funded extensions.

We are encouraged by the fact that 340 of you have...

01 Nov 2017