Pandemic PGRs

We are organising to coordinate collective action that will ensure we are getting the support we need in face of the pandemic. Universities across the UK have vastly differing, contradicting and incoherent policies towards PGRs. UKRI, the national body that could have provided leadership during this crisis, has let down PGRs. It has ignored the research community and even research that it commissioned itself, which shows PGRs need far greater support.

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PGRs Are Staff

Pandemic PGRs believe that PGRs should be treated as staff, with the same workers rights and legal protections that other workers have. We have been working with the University and College Union (UCU) to make this happen.

With PGRs behind a strong campaign and with our members organising inside UCU we are really making progress. Get involved and let’s ensure all PGRs get the protection and rights they deserve.

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